Beware Staplers, But Not This Site

Staplers can be dangerous if you point them at your face. Unlike staplers, this website is not so dangerous when pointed at your face. So point it at your face often, for by doing so you'll find your eyes (or ears or hands or any other sensory device your species has available) absorbing many amusing and surreal things.

Some of it is nonsense, some is deeply meaningful and perhaps insightful, and other parts are simply open to interpretation. All of it is undeniably excellent (unless it isn't) and all of it will also bring you great joy and give your life meaning and fulfilment (unless it doesn't).

So point your computer interaction bits at the links above and explore, explore, explore! You cannot possibly get lost, but if you do, just yell at something and click 'Home'. Unless 'Home' is not visible, in which case you should probably just cut your losses and re-type '' back into the address bar (and if you're feeling particularly helpful, send me an email at jimage AT gmail DOT com explaining what happened).

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